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2016-09-09 10:27

As I mentioned in a previous post,六合咨询, it is local custom for the bride and groom to pay for their wedding party’s attire for the big day. Since I had already found an awesome deal on bridesmaids’ dresses, my next item to tackle was our groomsmen’s suits. I knew from very early on that I wanted Mr. Eel and his boys to wear suits as opposed to tuxes.

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I like the?look of a simple black two-piece suit. Mr. Eel will wear a white, tie while his groomsmen will wear black ties, both accented with a blush colored boutonniere.

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When it came to the suits we had two options—rent or buy. We checked out the usual suspects, including Men’s Wearhouse and Celebrity Tuxedo, for suit rentals. Mr. Eel didn’t particularly like the look of the rental options available. We estimated that a suit rental would cost about $120 per person. As a bride that spent only $26.90 per bridesmaids’ dress, do you think I could reasonably spend $120 on a suit that needed to be returned within 24 hours post-wedding?

Being?a ballin’ on a budget bride means getting the most value for my money. So while I didn’t mind spending $120+ per suit for our groomsmen,  昨日, I didn’t think renting a suit for a day at that price was “worth” it. I was then left with our other option of buying suits.

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As luck would have it, I was at a bridal salon searching for a wedding dress when the consultant informed me they also make custom suits for, wait for it..$150! Mr. Eel booked an appointment to look at their suit offerings. They had a range of colors, styles, and fits, including slim and ultra slim (think Barney Stinson style from How I Met Your Mother).

Personal Photo // Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of Mr. Eel trying on his wedding suit. Side note: We rep the Texans haaaaaaard.

We found a black suit in ultra slim that both Mr. Eel and I liked. The consultant told us the suit could be custom made for $230. Twenty-second timeout! I was originally told custom suits would cost only $150! What the original consultant failed to tell me was that the price drops down to $150 only if the bride also purchases her gown from the salon.


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I was stuck between a rental and a hard place. Mr. Eel and I didn’t know what to do. Should we suck it up,?shell out the $230 per suit, and call it a day? But then something caught my eye. That story is for next time!

How did you find the attire for your groomsmen?

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